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Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events   Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events

Diamond Ranch High School

"Experiencing the Hollywood Knights basketball game was awesome! The DJ pumped up the crowd, and he played great music. Watching the celebrities defeat our staff was pretty fun. Before the game started they actually gave away Knott's Berry Farm tickets by doing a dance off. All in all it was the best school event we have ever had!!!"

Favorite Celebrities: Cameron Boyce, Carlos Pena, and Ryan Newman.

Memorable Moments: The most memorable moment was when our DRHS staff twerked, watching the half time performance, and getting the autographs from the celebrities.

-Pablo Z., Age 14, Pomona, California


Santiago High School

"That night was unforgettable!  I got pictures with only 2 celebrities.  I loved the fact that they were throwing shirts and running up the stairs.  Also even though it was crowded to the point where I couldn't breathe but it was worth it!  Hope to have them come back to Santiago High School!!!"

Favorite Celebrities: Hector David Jr. , Tyler Hoechlin, Alyson Stoner, Alex Heartman and Jeremy Sumpter.

Memorable Moments: When Hector David Jr. almost touched my hand and when he was doing his flips. Also when Alyson Stoner was dancing through out the whole game.

-Karla C., Age 16, Corona, California


Lupus LA
Good morning everyone,

Hope you've all begun your recovery process! Everyone on this team deserves a tremendous thank you! From the tenacity and commitment of the committee, to the diligent hard work of the Hollywood Knights team, to the tireless, round-the-clock effort of the Lupus LA staff (way to go, Adey!) and the world class PR of BWR, this team delivered a fantastic event for Lupus LA and I couldn't be more proud of all of us.

The look, feel and success of last night's event was spot-on and got rave reviews from those who attended. The auction was stellar, the poker tournament was fun and exciting (especially given my 9th place finish!) and the atmosphere, food and music made for a great party. I am also sure that given the celebrity attendance and some of the photos we got that Lupus LA and the lupus cause will be getting some amazing press in the days to come.

We will be having a de-brief soon to go over what worked and what didn't and how we can improve next year, but for now, please give yourselves a much deserved pat on the back and restful weekend.

Thanks again.

Adam Selkowitz

Lupus LA

Claremont High School, California
“….that after deciding to go a new route (away from wine tasting fundraisers) that we contacted many celebrity organizations throughout the country...yours was one of the few that produced evidence that you were solid and willing to work hard in advance of a contract...really Michael, you guys were great! I hope the person(s) that take this on next year on behalf of CHS appreciate you, your work and your "team", while working with you to further develop the success of this CHS fundraiser.

Julia Mullinix - Basketball booster and event coordinator

Beale Air Force Base
WOW! We had yet another super USO event at Beale. Our folks absolutely loved the Hollywood Knights. They were so entertaining... and easy to work with. They pulled kids from the audience and let them shoot a number of times. The crowd loved it. The CCs and "Varsity" also had a great time. In the last quarter, one of the Knights came down to CC's bench and traded jerseys with our MSG/CC and they switched teams for the last quarter. We'd love to host them again.

Bill Baltzell – Deputy

9th Force Support Squadron

United States Navy
The Hollywood Knights Tour was an enormous success! It was so much fun on so many levels; the B-ball game itself, the stars were so down-to-earth, the interactions with the fans, it all came together to make an incredible event
for our community.

Michael Copon ran up into the crowd and pulled out this teenage girl and gave her the ball, and proceeded to block people out of her way. Any time she got challenged, she passed the ball off, and the different players passed it back to her and joined in with boxing people out for her. After this happened maybe 3 or 4 times; she pumped in a 3 Pointer....nothing but net!!! And the crowd and stars went nuts. She'll be able to give you the play-by-play OF THAT MOMENT when she's 90 years old.

At one point Wolf was arrested and eventually taken to the locker room. As I was standing near the locker room entrance a 6 year old girl who I'd coached last year in Youth Soccer came walking by. I had noticed that she was following all of Wolf's antics on the court. I asked her if she'd like to meet Wolf and she smiled a shy smile and said Yes. On his way back out to the court I stopped Wolf and told him that HE seemed really shy when he walked pasted Miranda before, but that I had checked with her, and she was
willing to give HIM an autograph.

Without hesitation Wolf played right into it and took her by the hand, walked her to the bench and asked her if she would sign his water bottle. Vicky quickly provided a Sharpie and Miranda very seriously wrote her name on his water bottle. I saw her the last night at a soccer league party and when I asked her if she liked giving Wolf the autograph, she beamed and told all her friends that were around her what she'd done the night before. Her feet hadn't touched the ground since Thursday night.

Our team called a time out and a minute later sent nine 6-10 year olds out onto the floor. Once again, the stars turned to and made these kids night. Everything from them all trying to swat the ball out of Justice's raise hand, to Wolf taking charge and getting flattened, to The Knights best ball handler dribbling circles around a group of kids and then one of them stealing it.

To give you an example of how the excitement got into our players; while playing in the first half, the XO's finger got jammed and dislocated. We had someone drive him down to the base hospital to get it fixed. The XO returned just before the second half was starting with a splint on his finger. He played two additional times in the second half. This is the guy who didn't what to have to play much....... And now he's inserting himself into the game with a finger that had to be killing him.

We would take this show back in a heartbeat. From a behind the scenes look, the group seemed very easy to work with as well. If there's ever a command that turns this show down, or they aren't sure if they want it, have them call me. They just aren't aware of what they would be missing.

Robert Froelicher
United States Navy
Sigonella, Sicily

United States Navy
I wanted to thank you for the excellent USO Hollywood Knights tour held in Gaeta, Italy on Saturday, 17 October. The USS MT WHITNEY & family members enjoyed the tour! The USS MTW had a team & had a great game, tour & lunch on the ship. I think the stars had fun too. Thank You AGAIN!

Clelia Vinario
United States Navy
Gaeta, Italy

USO (United Service Organizations)
Thank you for your recent participation in the recent USO Tour to Germany, Belgium, and The Netherlands. Taking time to honor the men and women serving there meant so much to them, and it reminded them that the USO supports them and their families where they serve. We look forward to future USO Tours, and wish you the very best.

With kind regards,

Sloan D. Gibson
President and Chief Executive Officer

U.S. Army Garrison Mannheim
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Hollywood Knights on behalf of the Mannheim Community. I said it the night of the game and I meant it...I have never seen this community get so involved in an event in the 4 1/2 years that I've been working here! In fact, people are still stopping me and telling me how much they enjoyed the game!

I'm glad that we could start your tour off on the right foot and I'm sure that you got the same positive energy from all of the crowds. You and the players were great to work with and it made all of the hard work worthwhile when we saw the way that the families reacted to the team.

I have forwarded your email to the rest of our "team" and to the Commander so that he could see all of the great remarks from the players too.

Thanks again and please add us to the tour when you guys come back!

Lisa Frankson

Special Events Coordinator
Mannheim Army Garrison

Mazda Motors of America
"On behalf of Mazda Motors of America, we wanted to let you know that the celebrities you secured for us were tremendous. All of the executives were thrilled to meet and play with them."

Ocean View High School
“Over the past many years, your team of celebrities has never failed to provide quality basketball and entertainment for our fans. I always marvel at the enjoyment of introducing the celebrities to the audience. It sets an up-tempo for the whole evening.”
Ocean View High School
Boys Town, Nebraska
"Your celebrity visit brought great joy to the hearts of our children, as well as an added source of inspiration. Such encouragement and support is critical to the development of our children."

Alemany High School
“The game itself was a spectacular event…the student body was electrified, spirited, and jumping with vibrant enthusiasm…the gym was a packed house. I definitely recommend this program for High Schools who can handle this kind of excitement and joy in one night.”
Ocean View High School
Alta Bates Hospital, Berkeley, California
"We couldn't have done it without you. The Tennis Classic was a spectacularly successful event due in no small measure to your participation and expertise."

The Tucson Classics and the Michael Landon Tennis Tournament
"We had to take the time to thank you for a job not just 'well done', but a job that was above and beyond. The celebrities you gathered were awesome and cooperated in every way. The tournament play you organized ran perfectly and the overall handling of the entire function by you and your staff was marvelous."
Westlake High School
"Our sincere appreciation for putting on a great show. We raised nearly $6000 and entertained some 2300 people. We were able to use the money to a pay off the Girls Basketball debts, make a large contribution to our landscape committee, and fund our basketball program next year."

Poly High School
"The celebrity basketball game we held last month was a great success. The turnout and reactions were both superior…the success was due greatly to you. Your team raised enthusiasm in the school, and your personal organization helped the A.S.B. tremendously in our planning."
Ocean View High School
City of Ontario Police Department
"Those artists recommended by you were a perfect compliment to our program."

United Cerebral Palsy/Spastic Children's Foundation
"What would we do without you? Your ideas and guidance have helped us grow. The show you put on was tremendous and the way you get us through tournament day is truly a work of art."
Ocean View High School
Palms Middle School
"This is the fifth time I have been involved in this event and it just keeps getting better. Your organization has consistently come through with a well-organized professional event for our community."

The Mercy Foundation
"We wish to extend our heartfelt gratitude to you for a successful weekend. We have heard only positive comments from the patron players and guests about how much they enjoyed the tennis tournament and the gala-dinner show."
Ocean View High School
Jackie Robinson Foundation
"We want to thank you for the wonderful job you did for us in providing the celebrities. They were a great addition to the fund-raiser and the patron players enjoyed meeting, talking, and playing with them."
City of Long Beach, California
"The direction you gave our committee, members, and volunteers proved to be something we could not have done without you."
Ocean View High School
Los Angeles Police Department
"A large measure of success for our first annual Celebrity Tennis Classic was owed to your lead role in producing the event."

The Children's Dental Center
"You were the professional 'guiding light' that was the key to the tournament's success."
Ocean View High School
Oak Crest Foundation
"The school and community are all abuzz with the huge success of the Oak Crest Celebrity/Teachers basketball game. There were 1500 in attendance and over $6000 was raised to fund equipment, educational programs, and teacher mini-grants. It was the biggest happening on our campus in years!"

UFCW Local 770
"The celebrity guests you obtained for us were very recognizable and definitely helped us realize our best year yet."
Ocean View High School

California State Firefighter’s Association
"I just want to thank you again for the fine work you did to secure and deliver celebrities for our Celebrity Gala Poker Tournament on February 10. The event was a great success, in large measure, due to the Mirisch team. I was particularly impressed with how you set an example that day by pitching in on the details and creating the overall visual impact of the event one task at a time. I was also impressed that you took the time to gently remind some younger folks to exchange business cards – and generally mentor them on simple protocols. Thank you for all your efforts on our behalf.  I look forward to the opportunity to working with you again in the future."

John H. Dane
Executive Director
California State Firefighter’s Association

Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation
David Mirisch and his company is making this [celebrity fishing tournament] all happen.  It has come together very well and his services are well worth what we’ve paid him, a bargain in my opinion.  His leadership, organizational expertise and seemingly boundless energy are why this will be successful.  I highly recommend him to you or anyone who wishes to do a celebrity fundraising event. From our new friends at Oside Anglers Club; endless thanks again to David Mirsch.

Eric Munoz - Director of Planning, Hofman Planning & Engineering

Just a quick note to congratulate you on throwing a great event for the lagoon!  As one that lives on the lagoon, I certainly appreciate your efforts to protect the lagoon and the fantastic fishery that it is.  Looking forward to next year's tournament...

Stan Hogan - President, Oceanside Anglers Club

What a fantastic success we had had with our inaugural AHLF Fishing Tournament!  It was so successful on so many levels it is incredible.  It brought hundreds of people together for a common cause – The Lagoon and the Lagoon Foundation – that would have never come together otherwise.  I was skeptical at first but anyone who participated knows without a doubt what a huge success it was.  The event was in support of an important part of the AHLF mission – “to support recreational opportunities”.

All of us who worked with David Mirisch were privileged to learn from watching his organizational expertise.  He really created a terrific event “out of nothing” and brought together the thousands of details that made the whole thing so impressive.  He did an amazing amount of work over a period of six months.  One of our many supporters wrote this to me; “And the tournament was lots of fun -- what a great idea and (it seemed to me) excellent execution.”

The press coverage that David arranged was phenomenal!  Countless people were introduced to the AHLF.  I loved the well wishing email from New York that read about the tournament on line in the San Diego paper.  The event was in at least six articles and even broadcast on the radio. 

Jim Strickland, Member of the Board of Directors
Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation

Cedars Sinai

Everything went well and exactly according to plan.  Thanks for all your help in building the press line.  With all we were up against I think it was a wonderful turn out.  All the best,

 -Janet Keller – Cedars Sinai Hospital - Sports Spectacular

Kiwanis Club of Thousand Oaks

It was a total success and really was a fun event.  Thank you for including Lutheran Social Services. 

– Suzie Bornhauser, Central Coast Area Director, Lutheran Social Services.
Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events Hollywood Knights Celebrity Events

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